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Blue Prayer Mat with white lace

Blue Prayer Mat with white lace

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Our mats are carefully crafted taking into consideration that our top priority is comfort over design. Each mat is designed with a 7 mm padded cushion to protect the knees. Then again, we have combined comfort and elegance by using the highest quality of a mix of color changing taffeta, velvet, mousseline and french lace. Each mat is meticulously designed and embroidered all by hand.

The set is arranged in a pillow-like pouch with a beautiful design that also goes in a lightweight bag to carry around. It would be your special carry around prayer pouch which includes your Quran, prayer dress, prayer mat and colorful beads in a neat and stylish manner.

Our colors are specifically coordinated together by our designers to use in one set. Each set is designed to have a primary color and a few underlying colors as stitches and design which elevate the pouch.

Our prayer dresses are cut from silk and designed and handcrafted in a way where it is lightweight and does not require ironing. It is washable in a washing machine and our designers recommend air drying them to preserve the shininess of the fabric over the long run. They fit all sizes and cover all body parts including wrists and ankles.

The blue prayer pouch contains an all size  prayer dress in silk, Quran pouch, the bead that matches the set, a foldable prayer mat 7mm thick pad very light easy to carry. additional a handmade bag to carry around the prayer set.

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