Meet the designer behind Juliette Rose

 Juliette Rose is a full service planning company with a home base in Lebanon. The name “Juliette Rose” was inspired by the juliet rose, an abundant peach rose that took over fifteen years of breading and is known to be one of the most expensive in the world. Founder and lead planner, Karoun Assilian, grew up in a fashion-oriented household in which she discovered her passion for design, style and fashion. Over the years, she has envisioned introducing craftsmanship and design into the world of event planning. Founded in 2014, Juliette Rose was the outcome of Karoun’s vision. Just like the rose itself, Karoun bloomed and flourished with her creativity and meticulous attention for detail.

“It brings me indescribable joy to accomplish and bring to life my clients’ life-long dreams,” she says. With her charisma, talent and dedication, Karoun has developed clients around the world and has planned events in Athens, Egypt, Paphos, Santorini and Yerevan. Since the launching of Juliette Rose, Karoun has expanded into manufacturing her brand’s own tablecloths, napkins, candles and chair wear by customizing each detail to perfection.
She has also introduced Sajjadati by Juliette Rose, which is a prayer set line. Karoun envisioned combining comfort and design to offer handcrafted prayer mats that include a Quran cover, prayer dress, prayer beads all arranged in a stylish pillow-like pouch.

Our energetic JR team works enthusiastically and tirelessly to be a pioneer in the event community. Karoun is on an ongoing remarkable journey to add a touch of sparkle as well as leave a trail of happiness along the way. To her, there is no better inspiration to keep going than the support of her three loving children.

With Love,
Karoun Assilian


Weddings are sacred and beautiful life moments. Juliette Rose makes every wedding dream come to reality by accompanying your wedding planning

  • Tablescape design and styling

    Creativity, hard work, and experience transform any table into
    a masterpiece. At Juliette Rose you can find tablecloths, napkins, candles, and
    chair wear customized to perfection to match your dream wedding style and theme.

  • Retail and wholesale tableware supplier

    Tablecloths, embroidered napkins high-ended fabrics), napkin
    rings, runners, candles, show plates, cutleries, glass wear

  • Bridal Headpieces and Crowns

    Inspired by our brides around the world and their cultures we created a line of hair accessories, crowns, and headpieces to make our brides

    Juliette Rose offers her brides the ability to customize
    pieces to suit their style and visions. If you love the idea of a custom
    wedding crown feel free to get in touch.

    Let’s create something beautiful!

  • Armenian Wedding

  • Athens Wedding

  • Santorini Wedding

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