The Birth of Juliette Rose

Inspired by the most expensively attainable flower known to man, The Juliet Rose, a symbol of elegance and beauty that took 15 years in the making. A story of a rose very similar to that of its designer, Ms.K, a hallmark of elegance and femininity who had her heart set on bringing her fairytale to life by dressing-up ordinary venues with breathtaking collections from Juliette Rose. With Ms. K’s revolutionary understanding of fashion, Juliette Rose, the art of full venue dressage, bloomed under the direction of its charismatic and talented designer.


Behind the Collection

The Juliette Rose collection is the epitome for tailor-made venue dressage and is recognized for its intricate and glamorous details. With petal softness, crisp and creamy shades of bleached white, ivory and pastels, Juliette Rose ushers in a refreshing new era of premium venue couture. Cut from lush silk satin, tulle, crepe, chiffon, organza and other sumptuous material, the Juliette Rose collection evokes a timeless and classic look to make any venue standout like royalty. The collection’s ornate embellishments, embroideries and captivating designs with beautiful, lavish, chic and unique offerings give any venue the essence of sublime luxury. Sophisticated silhouettes and meticulous attention to detail has long been the designer, Ms. K’s, understated signature. Subtle finishing touches include soft tucks and pleats, sheer panels of fabric, a mesmeric illusion, and a variety of couture techniques and styles. Ms. K’s definite sense of couture and elegance has shaped a collection that is alluring in its design and chic in its perfection taking the essence of venue dressage from ordinary to extraordinary.